ROMANS 15:30

Sometimes a verse that you have hardly noticed before just seems to jump off the page. Such is the case of this verse in Romans. Particularly this phrase spoke to me, “join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.” Can we actually engage in the lives of others through prayer. Apparently we can. In this case it is Paul’s hard struggle as a missionary evangelist in a hostile world that is in view. I submit that we can also connect with the lives of others such as those we barely know and those who are lost by faithfully praying for them. However little you may know about a person, when you pray for them, you are talking to the one who has every hair on their head numbered. The joining of our minds and hearts with the mind and heart of God has incredible potential. I was thinking about what seems to be missing in the average church in our day. We pray, but do we pray for lost people. I do not mean just general prayers, but prayers in which we call out their names to the Lord. Tragically the typical church member not only does not pray for the lost by name, but does not know their name. We know so much about methods and trends. Church leaders know so much about programming and image casting. We know about buildings and processes. What do we really know about prayer? I will conclude this brief note with a powerful statement shared with me by a great man of prayer. GOD DOES NOTHING BUT BY PRAYER, AND EVERYTHING WITH IT.

Dan Wooldridge

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