Early this morning , I read all the history I could find of Crestview from her founding in July of 1961 until 1995. I am thinking that I need to have that collection republished in a new format for those who would like to see it. I especially enjoyed the discussion about the vision of the lay persons who founded the church. We are building today on the foundation they laid. The first 2.5 acres that belonged to this church was given by Harold Parker. The current Fellowship Hall and kitchen was the original structure. The Prayer Chapel was the foyer of the original Worship Center. The columns along the wall in the Fellowship Hall extend to the center of the peak of the room above the current drop ceiling. The ceiling was put in at the same time as the movable walls during the late nineteen nineties. This provided much needed adult bible study space to grow our Sunday morning Bible Study. In order to provide the support for the movable walls, Buck Christian built an amazing beam of wood that is supported on the north and south walls. It took a large group of men to lift the beam in place. It was made of two very large two by twelves with a metal plate in the center. When completed the Fellowship Hall could now host three adult classes on a Sunday morning. Currently we have a large class meeting in the Fellowship Hall and could possibly add another at some point. Even with our large Adult Education Building there is a need for more classes. The day is coming when our current Worship Center will be a large bible study/event venue and the back part will be more adult classes. The vision is for at least a 1200 seat Worship Center to be built on the East side of the Commons extending back over the area we use for overflow parking.

The other elements of history that are recorded are the names of each of the five pastors who served before my arrival and the length of their tenure. Jarvis Philpot served twenty two years. My tenure is now going on twenty five years. Between the two of us we have served here all but a dozen or so years of the existence of the church. Of special interest to me is that one of the former pastors, T. F. Collier, was once my pastor. In fact he performed my baptism at my home church in Bangs where he served during the very first years of Cresview’s existence. I was baptized in the Spring of 1960 and Crestview started in July of 1961. T. F. Collier came to Crestview in July of 1966. I had not known he had been here until my first week as pastor when I saw his picture in the old church library. I always feel divinely led to places where we serve, but that discovery underscored my sense of destiny here.

Dan Wooldridge

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