Elton Trueblood was a modern prophet.  He is arguably the greatest theologian to ever come from the Quakers.  He was a friend to several presidents.  He preached Hebert Hoover’s funeral and was also a friend to Ronald Reagan. When I was a young pastor, Trueblood’s book THE COMPANY OF THE COMMITTED was a must read for students preparing for ministry.  He was one of the thinkers and theologians who called for renewal in the churches.  He identified a disconnect between the professed Christian faith in America and the reality of a secular mindset that was noticeable in both the pew and the pulpit.  Serious Christians in America today find themselves in a minority as at no time that I can recall in my years of ministry.  Whole denominations have caved in to the cultural drift.  A deep biblical basis for faith is not to be found in thousands of churches which more closely resemble assemblies for the purpose of life improvement principles than places that are cultivating a real encounter with God.

Trueblood in his book THE PREDICAMENT OF MODERN MAN compared our culture to a vase of cut flowers which we are desperately striving to keep alive after having cut them of from their roots.  Try as we might, without a vital connection to our roots we can do nothing but fade and die.  He wrote this long ago.  I am sure many scoffed and took offense.  He was right.  In my lifetime, we have seen the demise of our culture beyond anything I could have imagined.  Trueblood died in 1994, but each passing year reveals what he mapped out for our future unless we reconnect with our roots.  Jesus started with twelve and changed the world.  Maybe we can start with a remnant and build a new day.  I am not pessimistic.  I am realistic.  It is later than you think.

Dan Wooldridge


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