Remembering David

David Edwards was the first pastor to welcome me personally to Georgetown.  He came over to a reception at Crestview on a Sunday afternoon.  I know how weary a pastor can be after Sunday morning and I count that visit as no small testimony to the kind of man he constantly showed himself to be.  His task in Georgetown was to take the remnant of and old, established church and develop it into a new one.  It was a huge task.  He constantly amazed me with his energy and effort.  Sometimes pastors in the same town have difficulty not being rivals.  We never were.  We ate out together. Fellowshipped together.  Prayed together and encouraged one another.  When David and his family moved to Corsicana, I had more than one opportunity to visit with him personally and over the phone.  Once again David had taken on a huge challenge.  He was following a pastor who had served FBC Corsicana for more than two decades.  All pastors know how amazingly difficult that can be.  He was turning the corner wonderfully.  He even asked his predecessor to serve on staff in pastoral ministry.  Only someone as humble and genuine as David could do that.  His family powerfully testified at his funeral in Corsicana and I am told that people came to trust in Christ.  I predict that FBC Corsicana will experience the touch of God from David’s departure to heaven.  Hearts will be broken.  God fixes broken things.  We will be seeing you David.

Dan Wooldridge

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