God values deeply our relationship with Him.  He is faithful to us.  He has given us many promises that assure us of His constancy and care for us.  What is often forgotten is that God desires that we show that same constancy toward one another.  To be sure life is filled with storms and disappointments.  These things rip and tear at the fabric of our lives.  They also stress and stretch our relationships.  We glorify God when we reflect His own tenacity in our relationships.  We cannot keep people from walking away from us, but we can be sure that our hearts follow them with compassion and a desire that someday things are made right.  Christians who are truly born again will spend eternity together in heaven.  When these believers discard their relationships with one another, they will one day meet again at the throne of God.  In that day there will be an accounting for why one who has been forgiven so much could not be more forgiving. 

What I am not talking about is the situation where someone is being abused and needs to depart for their own protection.  In all situations we should look for reasons to make a relationship survive or even thrive, but sometimes the relationship really is toxic.  In such a case it is likely that one or both parties are not truly at peace with God.  It is also possible that mental illness is a factor.  Let’s be honest.  Most broken relationships are the result of selfishness on the part of one or both parties. 

Our culture is falling apart.  It is falling apart primarily because we are unwilling to build strong healthy relationships and remain steadfast in nurturing them.  God has the solution.  More of us need to seek Him in our relationships.   One of my favorite quotes is “No man has the power to make me hate him.”

Dan Wooldridge

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