Rain and Revival

The desperate need for rain that exists in South Central Texas reminds me of the time of Elijah the prophet.  God began to prepare the people for the showdown at Mount Carmel by sending a terrible drought on the land.  If this difficult time would cause us to turn our heart toward God, it would be well worth the pain.  As desperately as we need rain, we need revival more.  I am talking about more than just seeing people trust the Lord.  We actually have had a very good season of people making professions of faith in Christ.  I am talking about the kind of revival where a culture is deeply challenged by the hand of God.  Back to Elijah and Mt. Carmel.  God had their attention.  They asked the gods they had been trusting in to send fire from heaven and found them powerless.  Elijah asked God to send fire from heaven and the fire fell.  Shortly thereafter the rain came in a mighty torrent.  It was not so much that everyone turned to the Lord.  They didn’t then, and they won’t now.  It was that the reality and presence of God was powerfully demonstrated to a decadent culture.  That is what I mean by revival.  How we need it! 

Imagine that one day you look around at the parched earth in this part of the state and cry out to God for rain.  What if God asks, “What will you do with the blessing?”  “Will it cause you to draw closer to me?”  What would be your answer?

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