My introduction to the power of media came when FBC Kingsville broadcast their morning services on KNGV  in Kingsville.  I would learn over time that many friends and acquaintances who attended other churches because of family heritage would nonetheless listen weekly to our broadcast.  They would often tell me so and comment on my message.  A judge in the city even recently commented on how he missed my ministry in Kingsville when we left.  Because of early morning services in many churches or even Saturday night options, it was not hard for someone to be a faithful listener to our broadcast.  I also found out that we had some unfriendly listeners.  One Sunday I told a story about a young man dying of Aids and the tragic circumstances of a family who had to literally fight to control his funeral against a militant band of San Francisco homosexuals.  I was simply telling a factual story of a real experience that a Christian family from Texas went through when their son died in California.  By relating this story, I was ridiculed on the campus of Texas A & M by more than a few professors.  I received death threats and obscene phone calls as well.  I learned that media is a means of stirring up enemies and inviting persecution.  During this same time a young woman named Rita came to Christ from an abusive childhood and a Lesbian lifestyle.  I had her share her testimony in our morning services.  You could have heard a pin drop.  She shared how her real father had abused her causing her to hate men.  She shared how a relationship with a woman seemed better to her than no relationship.  She shared how Christ had changed her life.  She left her lesbian lifestyle and began to serve the Lord.  She also found the power to witness to her dying father.  He said to her, “If God could cause you to speak to me like this after all I put you through then it gives me hope that maybe he can forgive me also.”  People in Corpus Christi, Texas heard her on the radio.  She was interviewed on Christian radio in Corpus Christi and asked to share in other places.  Once again this ingnited a firestorm of ridicule and opposition from those who are determined to say that people are born a certain way and cannot change.

On a lighter note, several of my golfing friends had fancy golf carts with radios in them.  They would take great delight in telling me that their foursomes had listened to my message at the area country clubs.  What was truly amazing about that is the fact that they were able to discuss aspects of the message with me.

Today we are on the internet with archives of messages and youtube videos of sermons.  I hear regularly from people around the nation and around the world that they faithfully listen.  My introduction to this phenomenon came through radio days in Kingsville.

Dan Wooldridge

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