I once thought of starting a club for procrastinators, but I never got around to it. Procrastination is preparing a sermon while the choir sings. (No, I have not been guilty of this.) Procrastination is filing your taxes on April 15th. Procrastination is running through airports. You could probably add many more items to the list.
On rare occasions I think procrastination might be divinely guided. Just a few short weeks ago, I received a letter from our Texas Baptist Convention that let me know about an effort to rebuild the homes of fifteen pastors and their families who lost their home in the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines. For only 5000 dollars a home could be built. I had intended to bring that up at a Missions Committee meeting, but the agenda was so full I did not do it. I put the matter off. I felt strange about it because it had touched my heart as soon as I learned of it. I remember asking myself why I had not acted with more resolve on this worthwhile project. I knew we could easily be involved. What was causing me to hesitate?
I was recently elected to the Executive Board of our convention. This is a body of leaders from all over Texas that handles business for our convention between annual meetings. In a meeting in late February, they revisited the matter of the damage in the Philippines and showed pictures of the devastation. They also showed pictures of the pastors and families who were left homeless. They reported that seven homes and been financed by churches around the state and they wanted to find support for rebuilding the other eight homes. Once again, I felt sad that I had not acted immediately to be a part of this project. The meeting is a two day meeting. On the second day I was looking over the agenda while we worked our way through, and I noticed that the last item was a time for comments and other miscellaneous remarks. It was as if at that moment the Lord revealed to me his plan. I determined that I would make a comment that Crestview would provide one of the houses for the Philippine pastors and that I hoped others there would consider doing the same. As soon as that moment came in the meeting I ask to be recognized and stated in a matter of fact way what I was confident Crestview would do. I very gently challenged others in the room to follow suit. Within around two minutes, forty thousand dollars was raised in the room and all fifteen homes were financed. A Filipino pastor who serves as our board Vice-President began to weep. Excitement swept the room as we ended on such a high note. In my heart, I knew that I had found the answer to my perplexing procrastination. God had silently asked me to wait so that at the proper time acting would prompt others to act. The hero of our story is never us. The true hero is the Lord. He allows us the privilege of joining him in changing the world. Only eternity will reveal what the acts of love and kindness toward the Philippines may yield. The typhoon brought death and destruction, but this loving assistance will create partnership and praise to the glory of God!
Maybe someday I will get around to starting that procrastinator’s club? Maybe you would like to join? Providing that you can get around to it.

Dan Wooldridge

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