Praying for our city

Seek God for the City.  Many of us are engaged in an intesive prayer effort in which we are asking God to visit our city in the power of His Holy Spirit.  If anything lasting or transformational comes to pass, it must needs come from God.  We are powerless to change lives, including our own, unless the Spirit of God moves. 

That being said we must not forget that real prayer should be accompanied by real strategies.  Crestview has just completed registration for two weeks of an all day, on campus camp for children.  We registered over 1000 children in slightly over 24 hours.  In that 24 hours there were only a few hours on Sunday and the rest on Monday morning in which a veritable swarm of parents came to sign up their children for an event that happens in June.  We have had more than a dozen years of this event which we have come to call “Camp Crestview”.  God has blessed us to see over 1000 decisions made to become followers of Jesus.  These children are connected to churches all around our area and also around the United States.  Tragically some of these children simply do not have parents who are committed to nurture their children’s faith.  In some cases the parents have no obvious commitment of their own, and therefore have no real desire to see their children discipled.  I am praying that this year God will do such a work through this event that parents will get caught up in the moving of His spirit.  I am praying for us to see what we have always known could happen; God could bring an unprecedented revival from this event.  We also are busily engaged in setting up a free showing of the movie, “Fireproof”,  accompanied by a Veggie Tales movie for children.   This movie not only speaks a powerful word about healthy marriages, but also clearly communicates the life changing power of Jesus Christ.  The movies are set for April 3rd.  Pray for these events that God might create an environment for reaching people. 

Dan Wooldridge

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