Part of the problem in church life is the idea that revival is a week of meetings.  Revival is a church coming to life.  Revival for the church resembles the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Sadly, I am constantly hearing about churches who are experiencing deadness.  They are like your arm feels when you accidentally sleep on top of it, a slight tingle and no strength.  The key to coming alive is really not complicated.  You simply have to focus on Jesus.  When you focus on Jesus, you have a strong desire to “walk  even as he walked.”  (1 John 2:6 KJV)  That means that you get over yourself and you begin to look outward to the fields and start touching lives in his name and in the power of the Spirit.  Any church, anywhere can experience revival by an intensive focus on Jesus Christ.  They need to do it corporately and individually.  In fact, revival in one word is “Jesus.”  From time to time people have asked me how our church came to be such a great church.  I usually answer that we are still on our journey toward where the Lord wants to take us, but that we have cultivated an outward focus rather than an inward focus.  Jesus did not spend all his time in the synagogue or the Temple.  Jesus went to the streets, the highways, and the wilderness.  He even went through Samaria.  Churches that come alive must do likewise.  Salt is no good to anyone in the shaker.  It needs to be spread out.  It also needs to be salty wherever it is spread.

How I long to see Texas churches come alive!  Once again this next week I will be speaking in another revival near Bastrop.  I know that I cannot bring revival to that church.  Pray that I can point to Jesus, the only one who can bring people and churches to life.  I know that all churches believe they are focused on Christ, but the reality is that they leave him at the building when they head home from worship.  Revival cannot happen until you take him with you wherever you go.  I will close with the words of an old hymn.

Take the name of Jesus with you, child of sorrow and of woe.

It will joy and comfort give you.  Take it then wherever you go.

Precious name!  Oh how sweet!  Hope of earth and joy of heaven!

Precious name!  Oh how sweet!  Hope of earth and joy of heaven!

Dan Wooldridge

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