There it hangs under the capitol dome in Washington D. C.  A painting of Pocohontas receiving believer’s baptism upon making the choice to follow Jesus Christ.  To be sure it is baptism by effusion which means pouring, but that was not her fault.  She likely would have been willing to be fully immersed like Jesus was at his baptism, but she was not so instructed.  Those who insist on our history being expunged of the influence of faith have a problem.  It is like trying to pick up grains of salt out of a toppled salt shaker.  There is just too much to remove.  I am so weary of the endless droning of those who insist that there should be no mention of Christ or of Biblical faith in the public arena.  That was absolutely never the case in our history.  The library of Congress contains vast quantities of biblical and theological works.  What is prohibited, and rightly so, is the promotion of one particular family of Christians such as promoting the Baptist faith.  This should not be done in official ways and on public properties.  We have adequate freedom to make our case in any number of appropriate venues.  At one time sermons were preached in pulpits all over America endorsing specific candidates for public office.  Some are doing so even today.  I personally do not do so because I feel I have much more important things to say.  I also do not want to endorse someone from the pulpit who may later embarrass me.  I would rather endorse a candidate as a private citizen rather than when I stand up to speak a word on behalf of the Lord.

At any rate, this rampant secularism is one of the greatest farces ever perpetrated upon the American people.  I refuse to allow anyone to attempt to rewrite our history so long as I have a voice to speak.  Hooray for Pocohontas!

Dan Wooldridge

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