People Sharing Jesus

God thrust me into the ministry.  I was studying accounting and intending on a career in business or banking and finance when God engineered a set of circumstances that totally changed my plans.  He also changed my personality while He was at it.  Before I knew it, I was still nineteen years old and already filling pulpits around the Brownwood area where I grew up.  At 20 churches were beginning to consider me as a candidate for pastor.  The Immanuel Baptist Church in Talpa, Texas invited my wife and me to come and serve them in 1972.  We had only been married for a few months and were suddenly thrust into a world of responsibility.  That was just three months short of 37 years ago. 

About two years later, I met a pastor from Pasadena, Texas named Darrell Robinson who gave me a vision of what kind of pastor God was calling me to be.  Darrell modeled the heart of a joyful evangelist before me at a pastor’s retreat.  Though I have only spent time with him on a few occasions, he has been a major contributor to my discipleship.  I read his books and I sought to follow his example.  It was from Darrell that I borrowed the statement “People Sharing Jesus”.  He has written books and resources under this title.  I got his permission before using the slogan for our church website.  He also suggested the mission statement that we use here at Crestview.  It is the same statement that we used at my last pastorate.  We worked some key concepts that Darrell used into a statement that we put on our screen at Crestview every week. 

                     We are people sharing Jesus


                     Exalting the Lord,

                     Equipping the Laity,


                     Evangelizing the Lost


                     People need the Lord.

There are numerous other components to the shaping of my life, but this is a very important part of how God has worked with me.

Dan Wooldridge

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