I would direct you to the website peoplesharingjesus.com in order to listen to the message from Galatians 5 titled LIBERTY VERSUS LICENSE. For further study let me give you some additional resources. Read David Platt’s COUNTER CULTURE and Chip Ingram’s CULTURE SHOCK. Both of these books are recently written and explore the same issues in a loving and Christian way. There is no attempt to suggest that this is a dialogue between totally righteous people and hopelessly immoral people. The argument is rather that whenever we refuse to face sinfulness and demand it be regarded as good or wholesome, we do great damage.
Two names that were mentioned should be pursued by anyone seeking further light. Dennis Jernigan, a well known composer, singer, and musician, has a blog and a website. His testimony of leaving a homosexual lifestyle, finding a new identity in Christ, and becoming a happily married father of nine children is powerful and compelling. Rosaria Champagne Butterfield’s testimony of going from a militant lesbian professor at Syracuse University to a born again Christian who later married a Presbyterian minister and became a mother and speaker is powerful as well. You can find articles and videos telling her story. There is also a book entitled THE SECRET THOUGHTS OF AN UNLIKELY CONVERT. These two people illustrate that one is not a helpless victim of passions and impulses, but can bring their lives into line with God’s design by his grace and power. This is good news for all of us since we all need to be brought into line in some way or another. Critics complain that surely people like these two are merely bisexual and that those who are homosexual were born that way and cannot change. Here is a thought. How can you on the one hand say you are born a certain way regarding your passions and attractions and therefore God does not view your choices as sinful, and then ignore that you were born a certain way physically (male or female), but this reality has no purpose or relevance to how you were designed to live? Neither Dennis Jernigan nor Rosaria Butterfield would support this argument. They were not redeemed because they became heterosexual. They were redeemed because they refused to let sexuality define them and found their identity in Jesus Christ. God in his grace blessed them with marriage and children, but even if he had not they were blessed by his deliverance to a purer and better life.

Dan Wooldridge

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