Sunday, I challenged our congregation to see that good relationships and God’s actions coincide.  God is all about good relationships.  Nothing illustrates this  better than the lengths to which God went in order to connect with us.  Sending Jesus was God’s offer of a personal relationship.

Good relationships require mutuality, initiative, and respect.  We must find common ground. Someone has to move toward someone else, and certain boundaries must be respected.  God became a man in Jesus creating the ultimate common ground with us. God came looking for us revealing His initiation of a relationship. (Luke 19:10)  God respects us by never forcing us to follow Him, but instead asking us to choose.  You should meditate on how these three simple principles look in developing relationships with others.

There are seven benefits of a good relationship that I want you to have.  There are surely more than seven, but let’s start with these:

1.Stimulation – Good relationships make life more interesting and help us grow.

2.Affirmation- We all need a word of encouragement from others.
3. Recognition-We need someone to acknowledge our worth and accomplishments.
4. Consultation- We need the counsel of others to help us see what we do not see.  We all have some blind spots in life that other eyes can reveal to us.
5. Consolation- When sorrows come relationships help us heal and move ahead.
6. Conversation- We need to talk.  We need to be heard, and we need to hear.
7.Communion- The word means to be joined together.  We are created for community and do not do well without it.

All of these benefits have been met by the Lord.  God makes life amazingly interesting.  He constantly tells us through the Word of His love for us.  He recognizes and rewards our faithfulness.  He can and does guide us.  He comforts us through the many promises in the Word.  We can both speak to and hear him in a conversational prayer.  We may be joined to him in saving faith.

What He has done for us, He wants to do through us.  Think hard on these things.

Dan Wooldridge


2 thoughts on “OUR RELATIONAL GOD

  1. Enjoyed the relationship talk.

    Short story. Keynote in Allen Texas recently entitled “how to be a superhero at work (and at home)” which deals with leadership and building relationships using superman as a backdrop.

    Lady came to me after I talked about forgiveness. She pointed to a lady that she had not spoken to in 7 years (interesting number??). She told me they had a fight and were not speaking but in listening to me, God told her to forgive the lady which she would do after I finished my talk.

    She took my card and later told me that she embraced the lady after I left and told her she forgave her and asked her for forgiveness. They both cried and agreed to go to lunch the following week. God can even use me in my somewhat spiritual cloaking to work in the secular world. Thanks for all you do, Mac

    1. Mac,
      People like you have the opportunity to touch people that I will likely never meet. Thanks for not being afraid to walk among the land mines of political correctness and speak to hearts.

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