Off to War

It was interesting on the week of Veteran’s Day to see our son pass through the gate at the Austin International Airport on his way to war.  No, he is not in the army, at least not the U. S. Army.  He is in the battle for Truth.  He is on his way to Asia to a country that I should not mention in this blog.  There are no official missionaries there, but there are many “tent maker” missionaries who are working at various professions in order to engage in the same battle for Truth.  When these warriors come home, there will be no ticker tape parades, no national recognition, no special benefits for their service.  In fact they won’t really be home until they really are home with the Lord in that final day when all of God’s soldiers are recognized.  I am very grateful for those who serve our country.  I am doubly blessed by those who also serve the Lord whatever their theater of operations.

Dan Wooldridge

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