Last night we had over four hundred men at a steak supper.  A large number of those men were special guests of our men.  This has become a biennial event at Crestview for the purpose of building relationships and challenging men to follow Jesus.  The first of these drew around one hundred men.  What I see developing is a way of breaking through to get men thinking about their walk or lack of a walk with Christ.  Conversations and relationships are impacted by this event.  Our men are able to open up an ongoing witness to others.  Several men have made life changing commitments to Christ at this event. Even when one of us is stood up by someone that we invited it has had its effect of revealing our interest in their spiritual welfare.  The event has also allowed us to reach beyond our own ministry and inspire and encourage leaders in area churches.  Many area leaders have been blessed and encouraged to focus on their own efforts with men in the name of Christ.

The best part for me is that the whole thing was not my idea.  I love the fact that God raises up a vision for something that can be done through our ministry from among our people.  They own the vision and work to bring it to pass.  My role is to encourage and hopefully inspire.  I often tell pastor friends that the most exciting thing about Crestview Baptist Church is the high level of lay involvement in ministry.  Time and again I have issued an invitation at the close of our services in which I have said, “We don’t need more members.  We need more ministers.”  They seem to join with their working shoes on.  People really want to be challenged.  When they are set free to minister they have a “steak” in what happens.

Dan Wooldridge

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