New Beginnings

I love new beginnings!  I often find myself needing a new beginning.  Even though Christmas stands between us and a new year, I even think of Christmas as a new start.  John must have seen it that way too. He began his gospel as if to be like Genesis,  “In the beginning. . .”.  Jesus changes everything.  He changed the world and he can change us.  Don’t think that I am only thinking of conversion.  I have experienced His power to change me in ways that were as profound as the day I became a Christian.  Conversion changes our relationship to God, but it only opens the door to amazing possibilities of God’s transforming power.  However, God will not change us against our will.  You must begin with a deep desire for change.  The change you seek must be clearly something that would bring honor to the Lord.  These conditions when met should be followed by a prayer of faith.  There is one more step.  You must practice spiritual disciplines as you trust the Lord to do his work.  For some this may seem like something that depends on us, but in reality our example is Jesus.  He shows us in the gospels what spiritual disciplines look like.  In the coming days I want to explore a few of these disciplines with you.  Sadly many who profess the desire to be different know little or nothing about them.  Stay tuned for a “change”.

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  1. Thanks for deleting that other comment. I will keep reading. I know I told you I had lost my faith, but I am still very much seeking answers. Your words comfort me. Merry Christmas!

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