Never Stop Learning!

One of the most insightful comments I ever heard was when someone was spoken of as having twenty years of experience in ministry.  A person standing to one side, commented, “No, they have one year’s experience twenty times.”  As hard as that might be to hear, it is amazingly true.  People as a rule do not want to try new things.  They do not want to read new books or listen to new ideas.  Hardly anyone is immune to this reality.  Growth by its very nature requires change.  As a pastor, I must hasten to insist that some things must never change.  The unchanging truths of God’s Word must be held to tenaciously.  The ways we teach, minister, connect, engage, disciple, evangelize, worship, and generally carry on the work of God can go through many changes.  Established churches should be changed like a ship turning at sea.  There are not sudden turns only gradual adjustments.  Care must be given to explain the reasons for the necessity for change.  There must be a willingness to drop things that have ceased to be effective.  We must not just do things because we do them, if you understand what I mean.  We also must not be guilty of not doing things just because we don’t do them.  I was once a guest in revival in a traditional church where myself and the pastor sat on the platform during the service.  We were singing hymns and I began to sing with gusto.  The pastor turned to me and said, “We don’t sing.”  I replied, ” We don’t?  What do we do?” He said, “We read our bibles.”  It was a long week.  There are churches that have dug in and refused to try things that would be very effective simply because they have decided in advance that it just isn’t their way of doing ministry.

In your personal life, you too can be guilty of doing the same thing year after year.  I dare you to journal your activities for one day.  Note what you did each hour.  Then consider things you always wanted to do or meant to do, but never had the time.  You simply must realize that you have just as much time as the greatest movers and shakers who ever lived on this planet.  What they have in common is that they mastered their time and kept working on their game.  Go thou and do likewise.

Dan Wooldridge

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