What does an event like we had this week accomplish?  Lives are deeply affected and changed.  People enter the Kingdom of God.  These things alone would be worth the effort and time.  There is also, however, that intangible reality that we call momentum.  We have all seen it in sports.  A game is moving along toward what seems like and inevitable victory for one team or the other.  Suddenly, something happens.  One teams emotions rise and the other team holds on for dear life.  Everything is suddenly up for grabs and new possibilities present themselves.  Things that would never have been expected are within reach.  We call it momentum.  A real revival can be a game changer.  A church can gather momentum.  Things that look impossible can begin to look easy.  Where you were trudging uphill against the wind, you now seem to be running downhill with the wind at your back.   Do you want a biblical example of what I am talking about?  The resurrection of Jesus Christ was the ultimate game changer.  It looked as if the world system had won again, but and empty tomb and a risen Lord changed everything.  In the realm of the Spirit that is still the source of all the momentum for what God is bringing to pass.  God always wins in the end!

      Dan Wooldridge

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