Last week three leaders from our church went to a Momentum conference.  We were looking carefully at a strategy to help set people free from the things that bind them from being on mission with God in our community and our world.  More about that will come later.  What I have on my mind is the meaning of the word “momentum”.  If ever there was a church that had gained momentum, it is Crestview.  I was meditating on the things that we do that we no longer have to push.  Our Monday night outreach has been sustained for eighteen years.  The last eight years have been rich in enthusiasm and involvement.  Many who join Crestview tell me that they kept meeting people who invited them to attend or shared encouraging words of faith with them.  Camp Crestview has great momentum.  At the worker’s meeting the other night our Event Center was filled to overflowing with an army of volunteers ready to make it happen again as we work with around 1200 children in a two week period in June.  Other pastors and leaders look at this in amazement as they try desperately to staff a half day program for one week.  Our men’s events such as the steak supper have momentum.  Our deacons are gaining great momentum.  Our women’s events have enjoyed momentum.
Our missions events have gained great momentum.  I could go on forever.  There are areas that we need to gain some momentum however.  It would be a shame to enjoy so much excitement and progress and neglect some very important areas.  I am spending time right now looking at those areas.  Pray.

Focused intensity over time multiplied by God equals momentum.

Dan Wooldridge

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