Ministering the Word

Allow me to give those who take the time to read the blog an insight into what objectives each of my times of teaching and preaching focus upon.

Sunday morning messages tend to be focused on a series that is either from a book of God’s Word or following a theme.  Great attention is given to the fact that we have many non-members and quite a number of non-Christians in attendance.  I cannot think of a Sunday morning in nearly fifteen years that there were not people in attendance who needed to make a decision.

Sunday evening messages tend to be more doctrinal.  I assume that more of those in attendance can go a little deeper with me.  Discipleship issues are given a lot of attention.

Wednesday night devotions are simply the overflow of my thoughts.  They are sometimes book studies and sometimes thematic, but there is always a Scriptural foundation.  Currently I am using the Apostle’s Creed as a starting point for the great doctrines of our faith. 

Thursday morning men’s breakfast is a time of laughter and biblical devotions with the intent of strengthening the fellowship of the men of the Church.  Most Thursday’s we have guests and this makes it possible to meet new men in a friendly and fun environment.

Additionally I teach a Sunday Bible Study.  I use the Explore the Bible suggested text, but teach with the intent to disciple and in some cases reach those who still have doubts and questions about faith.

Monday night I seek to teach a new group each fall and spring about personal evangelism with a strong biblical basis. 

I love sharing the Word.

Dan Wooldridge

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