Meditations on Myanmar

Little do we know when we reach out to people what God has in store at the end of our reaching.  A teenager communicates to his parents that he wants to follow Jesus.  I make an appointment and visit the home.  With father and mother sitting close by, I explain the nature of a Christian commitment to a very attentive young man.  I ask him if he wants to pray and invite Jesus Christ into his life.  He answers yes.  I ask if we could kneel together as we pray.  ( I think this helps underscore the momentous occasion of asking the King of Kings into our lives)   A loving and thoughtful father watches and listens to the entire exchange.  Not long afterward he makes a visit to my office for the same conversation.  Like his son, he makes a choice and follows that choice with believer’s baptism.  His daughter also makes the same decision.  His wife has made the decision years before.  So what does this have to do with Myanmar?  An older son of this couple is serving there as a missionary along with his family.  They are quietly making a difference in the country formerly known as Burma.  The father, mother, son, and daughter go for a visit.  God impresses upon them the need to serve the Lord by blessing the people of Myanmar in the name of Jesus.  They invite Crestview Baptist Church to participate.  Over a period of years great things are accomplished.  Many go.  Some invest financially.  I also go as do other members of our staff.  Our son goes this last summer.  Then the big surprise happens.  God calls our only son, our youngest child, to go to Myanmar to teach English.  His purpose is to come along side God’s work with our many partners in that country.  He leaves in ten days.  This is the story I know about one visit made seven years ago.  My question today is “What might God have in mind for the visit I make tonight?”

Dan Wooldridge

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