Martin Luther King Parade

I marched in the streets of Georgetown today holding the hands of two young African American boys named Marcus and Trey.  We sang the song, “We Shall Overcome” accompanied by my friend Ruffie and two students on woodwinds.  One of the students was Matthew Cooper from our church.  Ruffie of course blesses us from the platform week after week.  Dennis Leedom marched in front of me holding hands with a group of young adults.  Several times as we sang my voice broke as I thought of all the acts of unkindness and violence that have happened through the years because of the blindness of racism.  One of my favorite quotes on racism comes from a great African American pastor named Manuel Scott.  Manuel said, “Racism is the foolish and blind accentuation of the flesh.”  I absolutely agree.  We ended our march at Macedonia Baptist Church which has for some time been interacting with us for mutual fellowship and encouragement.  There was music and four speakers who each spoke briefly about the difference that courageous lives can make in the world.  We held hands and sang these words for our benediction, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand.  Make this world a better place if you can.”  We can and we will.  Reaching out has been my passion for more than four decades.

Dan Wooldridge

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