Many Holy Land tours are hesitant to enter Jericho since it is a Palestinian area on the West Bank. Our driver actually knew the owners of a restaurant right next to the archeological digs for the old city of Jericho. Jericho is regarded as the oldest city on earth with a continuous history. It was already a city of over 3000 years of age when Joshua led the people of Israel in battle against it. A tremendous amount of archeological work has been done there since the beginning of that particular science. Many people do not realize that the science of archeology is one of the newer sciences. Some modern methods have been developed since 1900 with other techniques only available in the last few decades. Many things once regarded as legendary or mythological are now historically verified by the research in this field of study. As we stood outside the restaurant massive digs were being conducted just across the street. I thought of all the discoveries that have been made in the last hundred years that have underscored the truth and reliability of the Word of God. Jericho is in an arid place not too far from the Jordan river. above Jericho rise the mountains of Judea and the city of Jerusalem. In a matter of only a few miles the terrain changes dramatically and the vegetation becomes lush and green. Jericho is arid and Jerusalem is a garden. A short trip from Jericho brings you to Bethany beyond Jordan. We sat on the Israeli side of the river and imagined the baptism of Jesus which occurred just below us in a muddy portion of the Jordan in the semi arid lands of the Jordan just a few miles from the Dead Sea. We sang a hymn as we shared a look into the Word of God and eyes turned toward us from all around. It was a sweet witness to several Israeli soldiers who stood guard since the Kingdom of Jordan was just across the river. They graciously interacted with us and posed for a few pictures. Israel is vigilant at all times lest the attacks of the past are repeated. Not so many years ago, Jerusalem was having bombs detonated on buses all over the city by those who would terrorize the nation. They have brought these realities under control for now and work constantly to keep things that way. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6

Dan Wooldridge

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