In the eight thirty service, I called to mind an event that happened over forty years ago.  I had not planned to refer to it, but it was as if the Holy Spirit wanted me to remember.  I did not repeat the story at eleven.  Several asked me about it so here is the background.  Shortly before Shannon and I were married a news story came out that famous actor George Sanders of England had taken his life.  Sanders was a big star.  You would recognize his face if you were around in those days.  He was also a noted author.  What captured my attention as having only recently experienced the call of God to preach His Word was the suicide note.  It said in essence, “I have lived enough.  I am bored.”  I recall how tragic this statement was.  it gave me a glimpse into what life must be like for those who live without a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.  Please know that I am not speaking about those who profess to know Jesus, but those who truly know him.  Those who truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ “Stand amazed in his presence.”  They are anything but bored.  For me life in Christ has been a continuous roller coaster ride.  I am sometimes exhausted by the sheer magnitude of holding on while he takes me through the rigors of walking with Him in this world.  I have seen so many stunning evidences of His power, so many revelations of His wisdom, so many manifestations of His grace.  It has been breathtaking.  Imagine yourself on the back of a bicycle built for two.  The person in front is Jesus who is pedaling so fast that you just let your own feet dangle to the side while he barrels ahead over mountains and through valleys toward some incredible destiny.  This has been my life.  I just can’t take it all in.  I am so sad for those who find life boring.  How tragic to try to fill life with the trivial when the eternal is available.  George Sanders must not have known Jesus.  His story is a reminder to me that Jesus does not merely give life, He is life.

Dan Wooldridge

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