Let the fire fall!

Dick Baker wrote a song with the title, “Let the Fire Fall!”  The song is loosely based on the experience of Elijah the prophet and his experience on Mount Carmel.  The words of the chorus are as follows.

                                   Let the fire fall!  Let the fire fall!  I am praying Lord for a holy fire to fall.  Burning brighter, ever higher, fire that never shall go out within my soul.

I am desperate to see a movement of God in our day.  These days of economic uncertainty look like a time of great opportunity to me.  Please do not think I am uncaring toward those who are distressed.  I just can’t get out of my mind what someone said to me years ago.  “I did not realize God was all that I needed until God was all that I had.”  Our hands have been filled with so many material things that we have been distracted as a people from the only thing that matters.  In the days of Elijah the god of the people was Baal.  In our day the god of the people is bucks.  My God is smashing one of America’s idols.  I long to hear the people say what they said when the fire fell from heaven to Mount Carmel.  “The Lord, He is God!  The Lord, He is God!

Dan Wooldridge

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