Jeremiah the prophet made a connection between our consciousness of right and wrong and our capacity to know God.  It is found in the ninth chapter and the twenty-fourth verse.  Of course God made himself known in history for the Hebrew people on many occasions in his miraculous activity among them.  It seems that as we reach the point of the time of Jeremiah God is speaking more in the hearts of men and there is less physical manifestation of the power of God.  Jesus picks up with the manifest power of God through his miracles and through the resurrection.  He also touches the heart deeply and plants his words in the minds and hearts of his followers.  From time to time the church has seen glimpses of his power, but they have never been without his word.

To know God is to trust him.  This does not mean that we merely trust God to make our lives pleasant.  In fact we must learn to trust God even when life is falling apart around us.  Trusting God means knowing that his ultimate purposes for his children are good.  It truly will be worth it all when we see Jesus.  This Sunday I will tackle the problem of evil and suffering.  You can find the message on this website if you cannot attend.  Far from destroying our faith, suffering can actually strengthen our faith.  It is an inevitable part of life, but Christ has already conquered anything and everything that could come against us.  Because we know the Lord, we trust him with the future come what may.

Dan Wooldridge

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