It saddens me to hear young ministers say that knocking on doors is no longer an effective way to reach people. Most of those that I hear state this have never actually done much knocking. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is peddling a false gospel with great success by knocking on doors. Politicians still do it and they are not known for wasting time and effort. Personally, some of the most exciting experiences that I have had in ministry can be traced to approaching someone’s door.
Many years ago a young man who had broken his addiction to cocaine and renewed his commitment to Christ was allowing me to train him to share his faith. He told me of one of his former associates who was also a user and occasional dealer in cocaine. He said it would not be good for him to visit the man, but he thought I might want to. The first time I went to see that man his girl friend who was living with him at the time was there. I had a couple of people with me and after we shared with her a moment, I asked her if she wanted to receive Jesus. She knelt in the floor and made a decision. The deacon who was with me was blown away by the experience. He had never seen such a response. The young man did not come home while we were there so I went back on another afternoon. As I stood and rang his doorbell, a woman came up and ask who I was. It was his sister. When I told her I was a pastor, she asked why I was at her brother’s door. I told her the Lord had sent me to talk to him. He was not home, but this sister of his and her daughters began attending our church. She soon made a profession of faith as did her daughters. I later visited the brother again and he prayed to receive Christ. I went to share with the woman’s husband whom I had met at the door. He received me reluctantly, but allowed me to share the gospel with him. He stated, “I know all this!” To which I replied, “But what have you done about it?” I told him that I would not bother him again, but to always remember what I had shared. Five years later he came to church and made a profession of faith. He became a deacon and a leader. He was a very effective soul winner and served in the midst of college students as a leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He also led a Baptist Student Ministries organization for a time.
God opened the door through this family to a large group of people who would never have been interested in anything I had to say were it not for the difference that Jesus had made in the lives of their loved ones. I often ask myself what is behind the next door upon which I am led to knock.

Dan Wooldridge

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