Keeping Score

One element of my remarks tonight in our prayer service will concern the tendency people have to keep score.  This is great for sports.  In fact it bothers me that there is an emphasis in many children’s sports not to keep score.  I fear we will fail to teach our children that life’s contests are real and losing is possible.  

Keeping score in relationships is another matter entirely.  Relationships are not games.  Human beings inevitably have a sinful nature.  When God saves our soul, we still must be on our guard concerning the sinful nature.  Romans chapter seven makes this point quite clearly from the fourteenth verse to the end of the chapter.  Flawed men and women simply must learn to forgive one another, or life will end up in loneliness and isolation.  Some people will quickly object that those who wrong us do not deserve forgiveness.  Does anyone?  I realize that there are times when things cannot return to complete normalcy, but a heart of hostility and bitterness will kill the body and kill the soul.  Our very experience of God’s grace for ourselves is tied to whether or not we express God’s grace.  Jesus clearly connected our forgiveness of others with receiving God’s forgiveness for ourselves.  It seems to me that the kind of person who can forgive is humble enough and broken enough to sincerely seek to be forgiven.  Think about it.

Dan Wooldridge

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