I did not hear until today about the passing of Lindi McCartney.  She passed away in March. Lindi is the wife of Bill McCartney who coached the Colorado Golden Buffaloes to their only national championship.  Bill retired young from coaching with a vision for addressing what he perceived to be an appalling loss of character among young men in our nation.  He, along with others, founded Promise Keepers.  The need for organized efforts to spiritually impact men is still great.  Our God is a covenant keeping God.  He desires people who understand the value of covenants.  The greatest mother’s day gift any son could give his mother and any husband could give his wife is to honor his covenants.  To be a man of integrity and honor is to cast a long shadow.  To fail to honor covenants and live with integrity casts a dark shadow of sorrow across many generations.  The primary difference in the two choices is found in the choice to live for others rather than for yourself.  Be an example.  Set an example.  Follow the example of our Lord.  He kept his covenant of love with us and sealed it with his blood shed on a rugged cross.  If you ever waver in honoring your covenants remember Jesus.

Dan Wooldridge

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