I have never written this story down and I truly need to.  This blog post will be a start.  I hope someday to publish these experiences or perhaps have someone publish them for me.

During our years in Kingsville we lived near the campus of Texas A & M Kingsville.  When we moved there it was known as Texas A & I.  We often walked the campus for exercise.  I played basketball in a gymnasium on campus.  I used the weight room some.  I was a frequent guest at the football practices and did several chapel services for the team.  However, the most interesting experience that I had was to be asked to visit a Sociology class and speak on death and dying from my perspective as an evangelical pastor.  A Catholic priest and a Jewish Rabbi were also asked to speak.  We spoke on different days so we did not interact with one another but with the class.  The professor seemed to be somewhat of an agnostic and certainly not a student of the Scripture.  In fact I think she wanted to be in a position to point out the fallacies of anything I might say.  I dove into my subject with the usual gusto quoting passages and making them come alive by explaining the very intellectual nuances of these various portions of Scripture.  For instance I helped the students understand the Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians chapter five where he compares our body to a tent.  They listened intently and I sensed the Holy Spirit at work.  I think the professor was troubled at how engaged the students were and so she set out to discredit me with what she thought would be a hard question.  Her question was almost identical to the question that the Sadducees asked as recorded in Matthew 22: 22-32.  The question of course concerns someone who is married multiple times because their mate keeps dying and how the relationships will work out in heaven.  It was a favorite ploy of the Sadducees to discredit those who believed in the resurrection.   I asked the professor if she realized that Jesus had been asked a question like hers.  She said “no”.  I asked if she ever read the bible.  She answered tersely “no”.  Then I said let me give you the answer Jesus gave, “You are in error because you do not know the power of God or the Scriptures.”  The class erupted into laughter and had to be asked to resume quiet.  The professor flushed red faced in embarrassment and anger.  I simply said that things we think are complicated are not at all complicated to God and that heaven will be a higher level of relationship than we could even imagine on the basis of our earthly experiences.  When I finished, she quickly left the room and the students surrounded me with excited questions.  They were visibly delighted with the way I had opened up Scripture to them without even opening a Bible and that I could quickly quote passages in response to random questions.  Many began visiting our services.  However, I was not invited back to that class again.  I think I know why.

Dan Wooldridge

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