When people protest that Christianity is exclusive and has no right to assert that Jesus is the only one through whom we can be saved, they are showing an amazing ignorance as to the nature of our message.  It is not as though we made all this up ourselves.  We are followers of the one who said that he is “the way the truth and the life.”  He clearly stated that believing in him was the pathway to heaven’s glory.  Those who rail against our message are asking us to contradict the one who has our complete devotion.  Those who cave in and begin to accommodate the idea in popular culture that there are many ways to heaven show themselves not to be Christians after all.  No real Christian could ever cede the point that Jesus is the door to heaven.  To do so is to reject his person and his message.  As to the issue of our faith being exclusive, shouldn’t it also be considered inclusive.  People of every race and from every imaginable background have found hope and life in Jesus.  It is by far the must culturally, linguistically, and racially diverse faith on the planet.  You can be rich or poor or anywhere in between and be a Christian.  You can be intellectual or severely mentally handicapped and still find peace in the Lord.  You can be a largely decent person or the vilest of sinners and still enter into fellowship with the Lord.  Show me any system of belief anywhere that has even come close to embracing the amazingly diverse constituency that makes up the Body of Christ in this earth, the church.  You can be Catholic or Evangelical or any number of other tribes within the family so long as you confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in accordance with the truth of the Word and you are in the Kingdom of God.  If that is exclusive, then I am confused.

The real problem the protesters have with our faith has nothing to do with the claims of Christ or our adherence to them.  Our faith demands that we let God be God.  Those who protest do so because they would prefer to hold that office themselves.  Do not be alarmed Christian friend.  Their problem is not with you at all.  Their problem is with Almighty God.  He can handle it.

Dan Wooldridge

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