It Starts Tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon the first wave of visitors will sweep out from Crestview Baptist in Georgetown, Texas carrying a gift of hope to households.  At 6:30 PM the second wave will go out.  Perhaps as many as 1000 homes will be visited by the time the night is done.  Hope 2010 has been in our prayers for over one year.  There is a component of meeting human need which we have been busily doing for years.  For years we have been meeting needs in the Hispanic community through our relationships formed by our midweek ministries of tutoring and ESL.  We have been able to step up that part of our ministry of hope by blessing the lives of children through a Backpack Buddy program.  There is a discipleship component to Hope 2010 which is visible in our growing participation in Operation Multiplication, a program of one on one discipleship.  Additionally a program called “One by One” is provided to young women by our women’s ministry.  The anchor component of Hope 2010 is the mass distribution of a cd rom which contains testimonies and Scripture as well as links to the message in hundreds of languages through the internet.  The jacket that the gift comes in also has a message for those persons who receive it.  Many conversations will occur as our teams make personal contact with thousands of people over the next 11 weeks.  If you are reading this will you stop right now and ask God to use our efforts for His glory? 

Dan Wooldridge

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