A revolution has begun at Crestview Baptist Church. People are rising up and throwing off their taskmasters. We are likely now at 85 per cent participation in the three programs of the “Breaking Free” challenge. If everyone who participates just makes a few adjustments in their financial lives the impact will be enormous on their futures. Last night we were expecting 34 participants and we welcomed 48. Several people from the community came and participated with us. This is just one of numerous classes underway this week. To learn more go to
I call this a revolution because it is a counter cultural movement. We live in a culture of massive debt. Our government is spending money in a reckless and irresponsible way and shows few signs of seriousness about changing the pattern. Approaching half of the American population either cannot or will not take responsibility for their own lives. This situation can only end bad. Only a revolution can save us. If our government will not lead then perhaps the people must do so. If Washington D. C. will not cut up her credit cards, then maybe if enough of us cut up ours we can set a powerful example of how it is done.
So why is a church doing a program like this. The principles arise from the Scripture. The old Protestant work ethic built this country and it can rebuild it if only it is practiced. The key word here is “discipline.” Has anybody noticed the similarity between the word “discipline” and the word “disciple.” That is no accident. The church has failed to make disciples in the area of stewardship for too long. Stewardship is not merely supporting the work of the church. Stewardship is handling all of your resources in a God honoring and responsible way that produces blessings for you and for the community around you. The word itself implies that we are temporary stewards of the resources that belong to another. Those resources belong to the Lord. “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” (Psalm 24:1) Do we live like we really believe that? Think about it.

Dan Wooldridge

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