Having taken a vacation from posting on this blog, it is time to blog again. As Labor Day weekend approaches my mind is on the age old battle for truth. The truth is powerful and effective, but it must engage those who walk in darkness. We cannot sit safely in our churches and expect to win the battle for truth. Paul wrote about the “weapons of our warfare” in 2 Corinthians ten and verses four and five. He made clear that these weapons are WML, weapons of mass life. Weapons are no good if they never leave the arsenal. They are also not effective if we only sit and clean them. Our enemy is not people. Our enemy is the devil who has taken the souls of men prisoner and would like nothing more than to chain them in darkness forever. Jesus came to set people free. He has commissioned us to be his freedom fighters. He does not ask us to provide the power. The power is already in the gospel. He simply asks us to get out of the barracks, arm ourselves from the arsenal, and enter the fields of conflict. Don’t be afraid. He said he would be with us always.

Dan Wooldridge

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