It Always Comes Down to One.

We have one God who has revealed himself in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He reveals himself as oneness in threeness and threeness in oneness.  In a world that is made up of more than 6 billion people there is only one God.  That one God knows all 6 billion people.  Before computer technology many scoffed at the notion that God could be interested in the life of one person.  Now we have technology that can deal with incredible amounts of information.  Shouldn’t the God who created everything exceed our finest technology in infinite ways?  God cares about one person.  In the midst of the many, He sees one; He loves one;  He reaches out to one.  Those of us who follow and serve Him must seek to be like Him.  We need to strive to really see and care about people one by one.  We cannot have the vast contact that He can have, but we can be a living reminder that our God is a personal God.  Allow God to use you today to touch one life in His name.

Dan Wooldridge

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