Isn’t It Time for Revival?

At one time, I thought I needed to lead a church to schedule at least one week of revival per year.  In recent years, I have chosen to focus upon taking the message of Jesus to the people.  Our weekly outreach is our strongest attempt at evangelism.  Especially is this true this year with the massive distribution of cd roms for the Hope 2010 project.  In light of Hope 2010, we have loaded our fall calendar with a full court press of ministries that could impact lives with the hope of Jesus Christ.

The visit of Jon Randles this Sunday morning through Wednesday night is part of that thrust.  Jon is the most sought after evangelist in Texas and one of the best known in the United States.  He has a great gift in evangelism.  A good example of the impact that God has used Jon to produce happened a number of years ago at the First Baptist Church in Highland Village near Lewisville.  At the time he went there in revival the church was in a small frame building and sleepily tucked away in a neighborhood on Lake Lewisville.  Jon held a wonderful revival there that many of the members credited with birthing a vision for growth for the church.  They built a much larger facility.  Their first pastor in that new facility was Dr. Barry Fikes whom I have known since he was a young boy growing up in a church that I used to pastor.  Barry was the pastor who told me the story of the energizing revival that Jon had conducted there.  Barry led the church to transition to a model that would more effectively reach the surrounding area.  Their current pastor is Matt Chandler who has led the church to its greatest days. It now is called The Village Church. Matt recently has been battling brain cancer, but the church is holding strong and praying for a miracle.  They have grown so much that they recently acquired an empty Albertson’s building and are having record numbers in attendance.

Revival is never solely about reaching the unreached.  Revival is about calling the church to new life.  No one that I know does this any better that Jon Randles.  Pray that members and guests will attend and God will be glorified.  It truly is time for revival.

Service times are Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00 AM, and 5:00 PM

Monday through Wednesday night services are at 7:00 PM.

Dan Wooldridge

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