Is There Any Evidence?

Many people in the Western World are skeptical about the Christian faith.  In fact they are skeptical about all things supernatural.  The United States is showing a growing disconnect with the faith that has been so instrumental to the blessings that God has poured out upon this land.  What evidence is there that God is real.

Let me recommend some books in case you have not read them.

Beyond Opinion – Edited by Ravi Zacharias;  I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Athiest – Norm Geisler

Can Man Live Without God? – Ravi Zacharias  The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, The Case for the Creator by Lee Stroebel

Once when I recommended these and others to someone close to me, he said “Where are the other opinions?”  I told him that many other opinions are stated in these books and then answered.  Finding scholarly work that is well thought out and has been written by athiests, agnostics, or skeptics is really hard to do.  Most of them bring up the same tired arguments that have been answered a thousand ways.  The direction of scientific study has actually been making unbelief harder as we learn things such as:  The world has a beginning.  DNA is packed with information that exceeds the finest computer technology that man has produced.  Living cells are incredibly complex machine-like structures with intricate design and interdependent facets of operation.  In other words, living cells reveal a masterful design.

There is one other bit of evidence that is hard to refute.  Jesus Christ changes lives.  When I look out upon my congregation each week, I am looking into the faces of an army of people who have been transformed by the touch of Christ.  They are people of joy and hope.  Some have overcome tragedy.  Some have overcome addictions.  Some have overcome heartbreak.  Some have overcome bitterness.  They were not helped by medication or therapy.  They were touched and changed by Jesus.  He is still with us by His Spirit.  Changing lives is what He does.

Dan Wooldridge

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