Is the natural order open or closed?

When we use the word “supernatural”, we are alluding to an event or person that reveals authority to break the natural order of things.  By definition such a reality would be rare.  The rarity reveals why a given person or event is to be regarded as supernatural.  For the sake of integrity every effort should always be made to discover natural causes behind what happens.  Integrity in my own view requires that one never totally rule out the possibility of the supernatural.  The only way to do so is to claim omniscience for oneself which in itself is supernatural. 

Imagine two boxes sitting on the floor.  Those who are naturalists could be represented by the idea that everthing that exists is inside the box and their is a lid on the box.  All things can be explained in terms of the interaction of matter and energy inside the closed box.  Beside that box is a box without a lid.  Let it represent the idea that much of what happens in the box is somewhat natural.  There are any number of natural causes and effects.  However, an unseen hand can and does reach into the box from time to time and redirect certain events.  For those who consider such a notion to be ridiculous, I point to the Resurrection of Christ.  No event in history has so changed the world as has the resurrection.  The burden of proof that it did not occur is on the skeptic.  The evidence is quite overwhelming.  Modern examination has only enhanced the view that Christ rose from the dead and left the tomb empty.  He rose in a body unrestricted by things of the natural world and yet his material body somehow was gloriously transformed in his resurrection.  How is that for supernatural?  If this happened, anything can happen that the unseen hand of God chooses to do.

Dan Wooldridge

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