Is the Bible true?

Yesterday one of my readers expressed a healthy skepticism about the reliability of the Scriptures.  The reason I say “healthy” is that we are not asked to have faith without a basis.  It is a fair question to ask, “Why should I believe the Bible?” 

As a Christian, the whole question hinges on what I believe about Jesus Christ.  Jesus clearly claimed to be the Son of God.  Jesus said that the Scriptures testified about him.  (John 5:39)  He said this about the Old Testament.  We know this because the New Testament had not been written when he said it.  It is obvious that the New Testament also testifies to Him.  Having considered His life, His teachings, His death, and His resurrection, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus is who He says He is.  Therefore I approach the Bible with a sense of reverence knowing that He modeled this for me.

The Bible has one central message.  That message is about God’s dealings with man.  The Bible declares that God created all that is, but that man is the crowning glory of that creation.  The Bible declares that man broke his relationship with God through sin, and that God loves man and has worked to renew that relationship.  His ultimate act was the sending of Jesus to bring us near.  There are many words of history, law, and revelation in the Bible.  Some regard the bible as just another “holy book.”  To this I say that there is no comparison between any other sacred book and the Bible.  Through Archeology we have verified volumes of historical accuracies in the Bible.  It has no rival in this regard.  In fact we have been able to use the Bible as a standard to correct errors in other histories.  Repeatedly historians have questioned the reliability of Biblical facts only to be corrected by archeological discoveries.  The Bible is a painfully honest record.  Unlike other holy books, it records the failures of many of its key players.  The heroes of the Bible are depicted in very unflattering ways.  Even in the New Testament we are honestly told about the skepticism of some of Jesus’s first followers.  We are also told that for a time his own brothers did not believe in Him. 

I have only begun.  I will pick this up again later.

Dan Wooldridge

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