Is the Bible true? Part 2

   As I was saying in my last post, the truth of the Bible is verified by the witness of Jesus, the findings of archeology, and the marvelous honesty with which the heroic characters are presented.  Once I decided that Jesus is the Son of God, his testimony about Scripture became the authority for me.  The verification of the historical records through research enhanced that confidence.  The fact that the Bible does not hide information even when that information places key characters in a bad light reveals the deep integrity of the Scriptures.

   There is another matter of great importance.  The Scripture works.  God’s Word is powerful and practical.  It nourishes me like a good meal.  It brings peace to my mind.  It gives strength to me for living.  God’s Word makes sense out of a sometimes crazy world.  God’s word gives hope in the most dire of circumstances.  From the Word, I receive wise counsel.  In the Word I have many encounters with Jesus.  He emerges from the pages and powerfully impacts my life.  He is not contained in Scripture; He is revealed in Scripture.  The Bible is the written Word of God.  Jesus is the living Word of God. 

Some say that they find some passages obscure and difficult.  So do I.  Let me quote my dad who often said, “I am not concerned about the parts of the Bible that I do not understand.  What concerns me are the parts of the Bible that I do understand, and have done nothing about.”  Even the Apostle Paul once said, “Oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God.  How unsearchable are His judgements and His ways past finding out. . . ”  If Paul could live with a few mysteries, so can I.  There is more than enough certainty and clarity in God’s Word to bless and sustain me until the mysteries are cleared at the feet of Jesus.

Dan Wooldridge

4 thoughts on “Is the Bible true? Part 2

  1. I note that the “Jesus Seminar” is coming to Georgetown, TX, in April 2009 –sponsored by one of our mainline churches! Why would any church that purports to be Christian be interested in hosting a group of individuals dedicated to destroying the Biblical view of Jesus as the Son of God and vehicle of our individual salvation? I suspect that many of our social gospel denominations have little understanding of how God relates to us on a personal level. If they see the Biblical presentation of Jesus as a threat to their agenda, why do they remain in the business of being a church?

  2. DKL
    Did you read that in print somewhere? I just heard they were coming yesterday. I must say that my impressions of the Jesus Seminar are very negative. I honestly do not regard their approach as scholarly. I find it arrogant and unspiritual. It is an affront to honest scholarship. If you have not seen the book, Lee Strobel has written a book called “The Case for the Real Jesus” which answers the Jesus Seminar with some truly first class scholarship
    Dan W.

  3. I think that as Scripture testifies to itself and to its truthfulness and trustworthiness, we need to look no further than what Peter writes in 2 Peter 1:16-21. We have to remember that when these books were written, the eyewitnesses to the events were still living and could easily refute them. Not only that, but as Peter points out, we also have the voice of the prophets and the fulfillment of the prophesies they spoke. On top of all of that is the textual evidence of the accuracy of Scripture over time. No other text in the world has as many manuscripts that are as close to the “autogaphs” as the Bible. The Bible is truly and amazing word from God to the souls of man. Drink deeply. You will never reach the bottom.

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