Is salvation only in Christ Jesus?

The above question is one of the most commonly debated questions of our day.  Those of of us who believe God’s Word to be truth without error are often castigated for affirming Jesus as the only way.  In light of verses like John 14:6  and Acts 4:12, how can we do otherwise.  What is often missed in this discussion is that the question could be restated as follows, “Can one be saved by any other god than the one true God?”  That is the real issue.  Abraham did not know the name of Jesus, nor did any of the people of God in the Old Testament.  They did, however, know the one true God.  Once God made himself known through God the Son, to reject Jesus was to reject the one true God. 

There are basically three groups of people who do not yet believe on Jesus Christ.  There are those who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  There are those who have not had the good news of Jesus clearly communicated to them.  There are those who have had the good news clearly communicated and have rejected Jesus Christ.  The third group in the most fearful of circumstances.  Read Matthew 10:15 and Matthew 11:20-24.  The message of Jesus in these verses shows that not all of the lost people in history are under the same level of judgement.  Romans 1:20 indicates that the one true God makes Himself known through creation.  Romans 2:7 at least suggests that some people may follow what light they have toward eternal life.  This verse seems to suggest that some people may discover the one true God and believe on Him without ever hearing the name of Jesus.  The tragedy of other religions in the world is that they come up with substitutes for the one true God and leave their adherents even more in the darkness than before.

All salvation is through Jesus Christ because He alone has revealed the one and only God.  Those who say that all religions are reaching for the same god fail to realize that some world religions are not even about a god.  Some world religions declare man as part of god.  Some world religions deny Christ His rightful place.  In short, to say they all are reaching for the same thing is an impossible suggestion.  We can trust God to deal with all who will one day stand before Him in a just and holy way.  He will do what is right.  In the meantime, we have no option but to follow Jesus on His terms.  When He said to go into all the world and make disciples, he knew that they all needed to know Him, the reason He came, and the message He brought.

If you want to read a classic book that will help you with this discussion, find a copy of Don Richardson’s Eternity in their Hearts.

Dan Wooldridge

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