How many friends do you have?

Before you answer the above question let me define a friend.  A friend is a person who loves you because of who you are.  They are not trying to gain favor by being interested in you.  They won’t walk away from you in your darkest days.  They rejoice in your victories and weep with you in your sorrows.  They care about you on a deeper level than just the surface.  If you were horribly disfigured they would still see you in their heart as whole and complete.  Your memory would be a cause of blessing to them when far away or for that matter after you are gone from this world.  Now, how many friends do you have?

   If there is anything that is obvious to me about the way Jesus changed lives, it is the way he invested in people.  The signs of deep relationships are all over the narrative of the gospels.  Jesus called his followers “friends”.  He of all people knew the meaning of the word.  One of the most distressing things about life in the modern world is the pitiful shallowness of relationships.  When revival comes it will come on the heels of Holy Spirit empowered relationships built between the people of God.  In fact when those relationships exist and are obvious to a watching world, many people are irresistably drawn to Christ and to the warmth of Christian fellowship.  Be a friend!  Make a friend!  Why not start today?

Dan Wooldridge

2 thoughts on “How many friends do you have?

  1. It has been hard for me to make new friends sometimes, because I have seen sin rip apart so many of my good friends lives. After time I have learned that I have to remain focused on Jesus for my expectations of others no matter how strong their walk with him appears to be.

  2. Scot,
    Thank you so much for your comment. Making friends is hard work, and it is costly. That is why so many people like to keep it shallow. I too have experienced deep disappointment. I have found that through prayer and patience those relationships still have their purpose. I think Jesus really loved Judas Iscariot. The betrayal by Judas shows us that God even understands the pain of betrayal by those we love. In fact it helps us understand how careful we need to be not to follow the path of Judas and throw relationships to the wind. Thank you for being willing to hurt in order to seek real relationships. If you want to communicate directly write me at

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