How Does This Happen?

When I was a child, I remember being amazed that Israel seemed to forget over and over how much God had done for them.  The stories in the Bible of the deliverance from Egypt and giving them a promised land were inevitably followed by a period of forgetting and foolishness.

Now it is not Israel but America that looks foolish.  It is now indisputable that there is a concerted effort underway to push our Christian heritage aside.  Any and every religion is promoted and protected while Jews and Christians are admonished to stand aside.  Are we insane?  Please do not think that I favor suppressing the beliefs of those with whom I disagree.  I believe that Christianity will prevail in the free and open discussion of faith.  What I favor is freedom of speech.  Several years ago I was asked to pray at a football game.  I was told just moments before I prayed that I should not pray in the name of Jesus.  I replied that they should get another person to pray.  They blinked, and I prayed in the name of Jesus.  Afterward I asked a Muslim friend if he was offended by my prayer.  His response was that I would lack integrity if I did not pray according to my convictions and that he would always respect integrity.  It is not the other religions who are offended by our faith.  It is the secularists who want to silence religion.  They are using pluralism to try to silence the majority.  When and if they succeed, they will mop up on the rest.

Dan Wooldridge

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