How beautiful are the feet . . .

Do you recognize the above phrase as a quote from Isaiah 52:7?  Paul also referred to this in Romans 10.  “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”  Yesterday I saw some of the most beautiful feet in action that I have ever seen.  More than 120 people from Crestview visited more than 700 homes on our first night of distribution.  We intentionally made a smaller assignment to each team to test the amount of time the assignments would take.  The afternoon teams and evening teams were given one and one half hour to complete their assignments.  Almost every team completed the assignment in one hour.  Now we know that we can give more assignments next week.  We also know that we are going to do some special distributions to supplement our effort of visiting 10,000 homes.  Many of our people reported good experiences of lives that were visibly touched by our contacts.  We need to cover these seeds that have been planted with prayer.  We are learning so very much about the church field where God has planted us.  The things we are learning can be learned in no better way than personal contact.  As I said on Sunday, the question “What would Jesus do?’ needs to be “What did Jesus do?”  The answer of course is that He went where the people were and talked to them on their turf.  Those who follow Him should do the same.

Dan Wooldridge

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