Hope 2010

    The greatest effort at reaching the State of Texas for Christ in many years is being pursued under the mantle of “Hope 2010.”  It is an effort to present Jesus to everyone in Texas by Easter of 2010.  One facet of that emphasis is to pray for our cities.  Seek God for the City.  I am asking everyone who reads this blog to join me in intensive prayer for God’s Spirit to move in this city.  Pray that people will be drawn to Christ and to the churches.  Pray for Spirit annointed preaching and teaching that meets needs and is used of God to change lives.  Pray that each of us who know Christ will do whatever we can to reach out with new zeal and enthusiasm.  Pray that those who have been trained to share their faith will overcome barriers and distractions and talk to people about Jesus.  Pray for those who seldom or ever attend church to suddenly begin to realize that they need God.  Pray that we will have the ability to tell them about the Lord with words that reach deep into their souls.  Pray! 

Dan Wooldridge

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