Hope 2010

I want to make a promise to the Lord and to myself.  I promise that I will talk to more people about Jesus in 2010 than in any other year of my life.  Of course, I am depending upon the Lord for the health to keep the promise.  For those who know me, this is no small promise.  I have been committed to personal evangelism for the full thirty eight years that I have been a pastor.  I cannot begin to know what year was the previous high point for sharing Jesus.  Even as a teenager, I was often active in reaching out.  I made soul winning visits with my pastor and my bible study leaders.  Yet for all of this, I am quite aware that I could have done more.  There are inevitable times when one could be about the business of sowing seed and yet chooses to do lesser things.  Sometimes those lesser things are important, but they are not so important as sharing Jesus.

The reason I can boldly make this promise is that we are going to participate in a statewide emphasis called “Hope 2010”.  We will be in possession of thousands of CD roms upon which there will be testimonies and scripture.  The jacket will pose the question, “What’s missing?”    Perhaps one hundred members or more of Crestview will span out through the neighborhoods of Georgetown giving away this gift and seeking to speak a word of ministry, encouragement, or witness as they do.  Such an undertaking cannot help but heighten my personal awareness of the need to obey Jesus and his command to make disciples of all peoples.  One plants, another waters, but God gives the increase.  It is planting time.   I plan to start early, plant bountifully, and share joyfully in the harvest.  Won’t you join me?

Dan Wooldridge

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