Sunday I finished what may well be the most important series of messages that I have ever preached.  I am absolutely convinced that Satan is out to destroy the American home.  I could say the same for the whole world, but knowing our history as I do, I know that it has been our homes that have been a key to the greatness of our nation.  Our homes have also served to the benefit of our churches throughout our history.

The final message is archived in audio at the website peoplesharingjesus.com  as are each of the other messages in this series. In a few days this message will be archived on a you tube video as well.  There is one message on December 16th that is not a part of the series, but was a brief word of affirmation to the message of the musical “Tonight” brought by our combined choirs, orchestra, and narration.  The “Home for the Holidays” series could be captured from our website and distributed electronically or on a CD.  Many of our members are doing that very thing.  Please pray with me that God will use these messages that he so powerfully gave to me to stir hearts far and wide.

The last message which bore the title of this blog poured from my place of quiet reflection in a fountain of tears.  I clearly saw in my minds eye the open arms of the Lord Jesus and his longing look toward us all.  He stood inviting us to enter his embrace.  He patiently waits.  He will not intrude or force himself on us.  He waits for us to come to him and enter his transforming embrace.  As surely as his arms were fastened by nails in an extended position on the cross, those extended arms stand as an eternal invitation to hearts hungry to be enfolded in a Divine embrace.  In the words of a song I often sing, I will share my jubilant response.  This response is not only a response of the past, but of each new day as I pick up my own cross to follow Him.

“I will arise and go to Jesus.  He will embrace me in his arms.  In the arms of my dear Savior, Oh!, there are ten thousand charms.”

Dan Wooldridge

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