In 1995, Tony Celelli came to Crestview as Minister of Youth and Education. Tony is now president of Stark College and Seminary in Corpus Christi with branches located in the Rio Grande Valley. Tony was unusually effective in both student ministry and education ministry. He led out in the development of our use of technology. He and his wife Dee Ann were very helpful on our drive to build our current preschool and children’s building as well as our gymnasium. Tony did well in ministry to youth also and pioneered some efforts to do city wide ministry with other youth groups in Georgetown. In 1996 Lewis Sims transitioned from Minister of Music to Minister of Senior Adults. He developed our Senior Choir now known as the Encore Choir. Lewis was great at ministry to Seniors along with his wife, Fran. Phil May began work as part time Minister of Music in 1996 and later became full time serving until 2018. His wife Gayla became pianist for one of our two services with Linda Spence covering the other service. Gayla did great work with our children’s choir also. Some outstanding children’s musicals were done. The choir grew under Phil’s leadership.

In those days Shannon Wooldridge, my wife, led out in Children’s Ministry, and Sharon Thomason led out in the Preschool Ministry. The church experienced great growth and adjustments had to be made while we waited on a new children’s building to be built. The preschool wing was made into a children’s area and the preschool was moved to the old children’s area. Modular buildings were leased and placed on the lot near where our fountain now is. An additional modular was leased and placed near where the big tree now stands. We purchased our first house which once stood in the midst of our present park. This purchase was not a unanimous decision, but proved to be a great blessing to us and still is so.

Lisa Burkett worked as a volunteer leading us to the first Camp Crestview in 1996. We called it, “Camp Safari” that year. We closed out the week of camp with a picnic on the grounds of the house we purchased and had the author of “Amarillo By Morning”, Clifton Jansky, who is a Christian singer and song writer, perform. Crestview was making waves in Georgetown

Dan Wooldridge

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