One of the heartbreaking moments in the ministry of Jesus occurred when they took him to the precipice of a high hill outside Nazareth with the intent of casting him to his death. People in Nazareth can still point out that hill to you. Sadder still is the large banner that obscures a Christian Church in Nazareth with the words in Arabic “God is not a God that he should have a son.” The message is clear. They deny the deity of Jesus and consider him lesser than Mohammed. The atmosphere of Nazareth is not welcoming, and the rudest drivers we saw in the Holy Land push their way through the streets. Many local Christians believe Nazareth is still under a curse for rejecting Jesus. This is where he grew up. This is where he said the words “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country.” There is one saving grace in the little city which has grown to be much larger than the few hundred it had in the day of Christ. They have erected a small park which is intended to illustrate life in the days when Jesus was a youth in Nazareth. Those few acres are the only place where Jesus is clearly honored, and where Christian people are free to tell his story.

Dan Wooldridge

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